Friday, August 10, 2007

Hotels in the UK

When I was much younger, I took a trip around Europe. We traveled on a tour bus, and we ate there, slept there, and everything. It was quite an adventure, and it made the trip very doable for me. While staying at a hotel in every stop might have been nice, the thing is that hotels are quite expensive all over Europe.

Fortunately for travelers to Europe, you can find lots of great deals on hotels at Cheaper Than Hotels. By shopping around there, you will find really good prices on the hotel of your choice. That's an even better way to travel than by always staying on the bus.

Say, for instance, you are going to the UK. Whether you are looking for a London Hotel, a Manchester Hotel. a Birmingham Hotel, or a hotel in any other part of the UK, then stop in at Cheaper Than Hotels to have a look. They have great deals on hotels everywhere, and even have special offers for last minute bookings. Year round bookings, of course, come with great price tags.

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Sowing Seeds

A friend of mine keeps a nice blog called sowing seeds. She's a mother of two, a teenager and a soon-to-be teenager. At this blog, she focuses on metaphors related to growing plants, relating that to "growing kids."

It is a blog that will make you think. Stop in and take a look if you get the chance. I am sure she will enjoy the visit.

Wednesday, April 25, 2007

From Aesops's Fables : Brother & Sister

A man had two children, a boy and a girl. The boy was good-looking as the girl was plain. One day as they were playing together in their's mother's room, they came across a mirror. They saw their faces in the mirror for the first time. They boy saw what a handsome face he had and began to boast to his sister about his good looks. She was ready to cry when she saw her own plain face in the mirror. She took her brother's remarks as an insult to her. She ran to her father and told on his brother. She accused her brother for meddling with their mother's things. Their father laughed and kissed them both and said 'My children, learn from now onwards to make a good use of the glass. You, my boy strive to be as good as it shows you to be handsome, and you, my my girl make up your plainness of your features by the sweetness of your character.

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Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Lead Management Solution

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Sunday, April 8, 2007

From Aesops's Fables : The Dog & The Shadow

A dog was crossing a plank bridge over a stream with a piece of meat in his mouth, when he happened to see his own reflection in the water, He thought it was another dog with a piece of meat twice as big, so he let go his own meat, and he jumped at the other dog to get the bigger piece of meat. But of course he did not get any of the meat, for one was only a shadow and the other meat was carried away by the current.

Tuesday, April 3, 2007

Have you met Silken?

Silken is a friend of mine who blogs at blogspot. Maybe you'd like to stop by and visit her, and see what you think of her blogs. I enjoy them, myself. Some of them are kept by her kids, which I think is quite nice.

Here's the spots where you can find her at blogspot:

A Few of My Favorite Things

Places to Go

Family Night

Random Activities

Did You Know

Rhyme Time


If you stop by to meet her, tell her that her friend in Singapore sent you. I think she will know who. (No telling though, as she has lots of friends here.)